13b NA

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The Mazda 13b engine is the 2nd generation of the 13 series 2 rotor engine. Wikipedia has an excellent write up on the history of the Wankel within Mazda. A Wankel engine is a marvel of simplicity, in the case of a 13b engine there are three moving parts. The two rotors and an eccentric shaft. Modifying the a short block for aircraft use is relatively easy, but disassembly of the engine is necessary.

The following components are available for bolt on use on the 801
Real World Solutions Geared Reduction Drive
Short Block Overhaul and Conversion - Bruce Turrentine
Alternator Relocation Bracket - Pineapple Racing( No longer in Production )
Weld On Injector Bosses - SDSEFI
Other subsystems requiring development
Engine Mount
Intake Manifold
Water Cooling
Oil Cooling
Fuel Injection
Alternator Relocation


There are two accepted orientations for the 13b within an 801. The first is as the engine is mounted in the car, with the spark plugs on the passenger side and the intake on the pilot side. The second is to rotate the engine block 90 degrees, so the spark plugs are facing up and the intake is facing the ground. This orientation is commonly called plugs up.