From Matronics

Well, it seems like I'm the first guy to begin this page. I am building (actually assemblying) an Allegro 2000, manufaqctured by Fantasy Air in the Czech Republic, and am interested in finding others who have assembled this plane from the manufacturer's "Quick Build Kit". I would like to get some feedback concerning problems, difficulties, etc. that others have had in completing the plane. I would appreciate your opinion on this. I have had an inordinate amount of difficulty in using the manufacturer's "Aircraft Building Instruction Manual". The instructions have been incomplete, the english translation poor and some times incomprehensible. Many assembly proceedures are not even addressed in the instructions. I am reluctant to say this, but the US Distributor for Fantasy Air has been little to no help. The missing replacement parts have taken months to get. I am still waiting on an airspeed indicator and an electrical shunt after returning them to the distributor three months ago.

My plane is now about 80% complete, waiting for the BRS to be installed by the US Distributor. After that is complete I hope to finish it by August this year. Has anyone out there built this plane from the "Quick Build Kit"? I would love to hear from you

Hugh McKay