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The Kitfox is a single engine high wing monoplane kit built aircraft. The design features folding wings to allow for trailering and storage in a normal automobile garage. Many models can be configured as either a tailwheel or nosewheel. All models are side-by-side 2 seat except the single seat Lite version. Designed for super Short Take Off and Landing performance (STOL), newer models have increased cruise speeds, useful load capacities and cabin size.




Kitfox history

The Kitfox homebuilt aircraft is the further development of the Avid Flyer designed by Dean Wilson and Dan Denney. Mr. Denney designed the first Kitfox in 1984, keeping the same design of the Avid Flyer's folding wings and flaperons. Since then, more than 4,000 Kitfox have been built as the models 1, 2, 3, 4 (Classic), 5, 6, 7 and Lite. Although 80% of the Kitfox are taildraggers, the later models are also available as tricycles. For more detail see: Kitfox Aircraft History

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