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The standard 2-ship and 4-ship formations are used by all branches of the U.S. military, and probably the militaries of most other countries. Larger formations aren't quite so standardized, but here are some common larger formations, and their common names.


Double Diamond

There are two formations called Double Diamond.

Double Diamond (1)

Image:Doublediamond.jpg This form of Double Diamond is, for it's size, a very manoeuvrable formation. Military demonstration teams that use seven or more aircraft (such as the Snowbirds or the Red Arrows) often use this form of Double Diamond for that reason.

Double Diamond (2)

This form of Double Diamond is much less manoeuvrable than the first form of Double Diamond, and so is generally only used for straight-and-level parade passes. However, it is a relatively easy way to put together an eight-plane formation with pilots who are accustomed to flying 4-ships.


Arrow is commonly used for nine-plane straight-and-level parade passes. It is also used by the Snowbirds and the Red Arrows (the Snowbirds call it Big Arrow).


The name delta is used to refer to many different formations with different numbers of aircraft. What they all have in common is the delta shape (triangular, or like a delta-wing airplane).

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