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The collection of RVWiki articles are available for everyone to read and edit. You can access them via the links on the Main Page. We encourage everyone to contribute, and this page has links on how you can do just that. Even a modest contribution to the effort can make a difference, so read on and see how you can make the RVWiki grow and become a credit to the RV building community.

Any link you see which is in red (or a link with a '?' at the end) *needs* your contribution. These are links to pages which do not exist yet. The were links added because they seemed good "seed topics" but for which nothing has been written. A link to a new page is an opportunity for you to help expand the base of knowledge here. Even if you can only contribute a few sentences, please do!


Getting Started

To get started using and editing the RVWiki, first we suggest (but don't demand) that you create an account . Registering will allow your changes and additions to be attributed to you. Once you have registered you can check out our sandbox and play around with editing pages. Once you have a basic understanding of how to edit pages, be bold and write an article (even if it is just a stub article which is a seed for a more complete one).

Pages that are "wanted" can be found at wanted pages. Your contribution will help!

NOTE: One critical issue of style should be noted. The articles will all hang together better if they are written as if they were "encyclopedia entries". This means writing in a third person style and avoiding the use of "I" or "me" in the language used. This will make it much easier for others to later come along and expand on what you have started.

Before contributing, please read :

How do I create a new page?

  1. Go to the page you want the new page to be linked from.
  2. Click on the edit tab to edit the page. Add a link to the page you wish to create.
    The way to create a link is to place the new page's title in brackets. [[Page title]]
  3. Save the page. Your link will show up as a red link which, when clicked, will bring you to an edit page for your new page.
  4. Edit and save your new page.

More Information

For advanced RVWiki writing check out these links:

What can you do?

To help out the RVWiki, you can start by writing a simple stub article for one of the wanted pages or helping to correct any spelling and/or gramatical errors in articles. You can also help by adding anything you wish to the related discussion pages.