Quick Page Editing Instructions

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For instructions on starting a new article, read the How do I create a new page article.


Editing the Text of an Article

Let's say there's an article called "Painting Registration Numbers," but you notice that it has a couple of typos, plus there's a link to another web site that is out of date like slot machines games. You want to fix the typos and correct the link.

At the top of the page you'll see a tab labeled "edit." Click this, and you're taken to a page that has the raw text of the article. Some of the text might look a bit intimidating at first, because it's in wiki code. This is a bit like the old word processors from the DOS days, such as Wordstar or Wordperfect, where you had to put tags to create bolding or underlining right in the text of the document. Wiki code can be complicated, but what you need to know to correct spelling or fix a link is fairly easy.

Changing the basic text of the article is just like working with a simple word processor. There are really only two things that are different:

  1. Word wrap doesn't matter. The web browser that displays the page will automatically wrap the text.
  1. A single carriage return will be ignored. Two carriage returns in a row (i.e., a blank line) starts a new paragraph.

Once you've made all your edits, click the "Save page" button and you'll be taken back to the "Painting Registration Numbers" page, but with your edits included.

Editing Links

Making or changing links is a bit more complicated, but not hard to understand. There are two main kinds of links: links to other articles in the RV Wiki and links to other web sites.

Links to Other RV Wiki Articles

A link to another RV Wiki article looks like this, online writing jobs

[[To Prime or Not to Prime]]

or this,

[[To Prime or Not to Prime|Should I prime my skins?]]

The first example links to the article "To Prime or Not to Prime," and the link text of the link is "To Prime or Not to Prime." The second example links to the same article, but the text of the link will be "Should I prime my skins?" The second form comes in handy when the title of the article doesn't fit what you're trying to say in the text of the link.

Links to Other Web Sites

Links to other web sites look like this.

[http://www.website.com/article.html Title of Article]

Note that this link has single square brackets, whereas the RV Wiki links have double square brackets.

The first part of the link is the Uniform Resource Locator, or web site address, of the page you want to link to. You can get that by going to the web page with your browser and copying the URL from the address field (usually at the top of your browser window).

The rest of the link is the text you want to appear in the link itself. In the example above, the link would look like this: Title of Article.