Attaching Windshield to frame

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How do you attach the base of a 3/16" polycarbonate windshield? What are the options? I have seen #6 or 8 flathead machine screws screwed through the windshield into tapped tabs welded onto the round crosstube at the top of the firewall station. Any other options? I uploaded 2 photos to this site of a Clement W-10 trike under construction and of a Malcolm's trike to show the area of concern. Eric Schlanser Image:Clement_trike0034.JPG and Image:Baraboo20.JPG.

Eric, I am completely new to this wiki forum. This is my first comment.

You will find this area covered many, many times in versions postings elsewhere(Search archives on Matronix Kitfox list). Someone may reply to your question in more detail but I will offer a start. The main issue when working with polycarbonate or acrylic is to avoid concentrations of stress. This applies to shaping, forming and also to mounting. Any method of attachment can be suitable – the key ! is to allow the window to ‘float’ rather than suffer stress created by original mounting of flexing during use. Mount systems similar to automotive which would be successful but complex to construct. Many home-builders use fastenings as you suggest. Care in all machining is first but related to float, drill oversized holes, then attach by bolt or rivet with care not to compress the attachment. Some use o-rings as a buffer for stress.

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